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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Andy Card, White House Chief of Staff, and ...

"...Serial Souterizer"

Per John Fund of The Wall Street Journal:

* * *

"[One] reason for conservative suspicion is that it was Mr. Card, a former moderate Massachusetts state legislator, who pushed the Miers choice. "This is something that Andy and the president cooked up," a White House adviser told Time magazine." Andy knew it would appeal to the president because he loves appointing his own people and being supersecret and stealthy about it."...

Conservatives still recall that in the White House of the first President Bush, Mr. Card was deputy chief of staff to Mr. Sununu, the prime backer of Judge Souter. ...other aides who served with Mr. Card in the White House told me he was an enthusiastic backer of the Souter selection. "Now that he's brought us Miers we worry that 15 years later Andy is playing the role of a Serial Souterizer," one said.

* * *

Via Captain's Quarters and The Wall Street Journal.


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