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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

"Free the Banana Joe's Two!!"

Carolina Panthers cheerleaders Angela Keathley and and Renee Thomas were arrested in Tampa after having lesbian sex in the ladies' room at Banana Joe's nightclub, witnesses say, and after Thomas punched a bar patron.

"Our team can whip your team, our girls can lick your girls."

The two cheerleaders were kicked off the team Monday for violating a signed code of conduct, Panthers spokesman Charlie Dayton said. Via ESPN.

Per Wizbang commenter Faith + 1 (ha):

* * *

You know, if they had just gone into the mensroom to do the nasty they could have avoided the whole problem.

1) The line would have been shorter if it existed at all. Hence, no upset patrons. Most guys would probably just hold it for the opportunity to witness such an event. Hell, they might even be willing to break the "sharing a urinal taboo". Worse case they would have used the sink.

2) Guys would have NOT minded one bit at two hot cheerleaders going at in the mensroom. I highly expect there would have been cheering and it wouldn't have been from the cheer leaders.

3) Instead of punching someone out she most likely would have only needed to high five a few people.

* * *

Hmmm. Maybe these randy Panthers cheerleaders just need a little discipline...

"I eat cheerleaders for breakfast."

More here and here: "Free the Banana Joe's Two!!"


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